Mar 10 • 1HR 11M

State Courts, Voting Maps, and the Supreme Court

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On today’s episode, Sarah and David spend serious time discussing the Supreme Court’s latest voting rights decision, then they launch into their long-awaited, much anticipated analysis of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “most controversial” opinion (spoiler alert: it’s not that controversial). They end with a chat about free speech on campus and why the culture matters.

Show Notes:

-Revisiting the History of the Independent State Legislature Doctrine

-Eradicating Bush-League Arguments Root and Branch: The Article II Independent-State-Legislature Notion and Related Rubbish

-Merrill v. Milligan

-Moore v. Harper

-Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Comm’n

-Rucho v. Common Cause

-Make The Road New York v. McAleenan

-Make The Road New York v. Wolf