Advisory Opinions

Real Originalism Has Never Been Tried

Student loan forgiveness: elephants in mouseholes?

Jack Smith Scolds Judge

"Trump's defense counsel is more impressive than people give them credit for."

The Federalist Society in Peril

"Team conservative."

Federal Judges Examine the Israel-Hamas War

Debunking the “Israelis as colonists” narrative.

What the Abortion Pill Case Is Really About

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Judge Cannon’s Clerkship Problem

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Into the Labyrinth (of Texas Immigration Law)

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Can State Officials Block Me on Social Media?

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Blood Libel at MIT

Whose hearing?

Stopping the Stop Woke Act

Phone calls from middle schoolers is not a way to influence Congress.

David Responds to Trolls

Who needs enemies when you got friends like these?

Indictment Watch: The Supreme Court Decides Whether States Can Disqualify Trump

Jan. 6ers running for Congress?

Sore Losers and Dr. Phil

Gorsuch a babe.

Live From Alabama

Don't go to law school without a business plan.

Taylor Swift and the Magna Carta

On this day the law came alive.

Alabama Against IVF

And: Fani Willis' side piece hearing.