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Pressing the SCOTUS Panic Button
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Pressing the SCOTUS Panic Button

And: protecting free speech on college campuses.

David returns after a brief food poisoning hiatus to discuss two oral arguments heard before the Supreme Court: Trump’s immunity case and Idaho’s case on abortion bans. But first, a request from The Dispatch’s resident Wilson-hater.

The Agenda:
—Are solo podcasters sociopaths?
—Proposals for changes on the Israeli Supreme Court
Absolute immunity for presidents
—The role of the executive vesting clause
Reviewing Idaho’s abortion ban
—Time, place, and manner restrictions on college campuses
—Answering questions and issuing corrections

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Sarah Isgur is a senior editor at The Dispatch and is based in northern Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2019, she had worked in every branch of the federal government and on three presidential campaigns. When Sarah is not hosting podcasts or writing newsletters, she’s probably sending uplifting stories about spiders to Jonah, who only pretends to love all animals.

David French is a columnist for the New York Times. He’s a former senior editor of The Dispatch. He’s the author most recently of Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.