Grace in Public Discourse

How should we react when people say or do things we find offensive in public discourse? What is the role of forgiveness and grace in these contexts? How do we determine if apologies are sincere and the offending party is worthy of an opportunity for repentance and repair? Join David and Curtis as they discuss this timely topic and offer some guidance for how we can make some space for grace in our public discourse.

Show Notes:

David French (WaPo): “Here’s the difference between Colin Kaepernick and Roseanne Barr”

The French Press: “Cancel Culture, Conditioning Culture, and America’s Stun-Gun Style of Discourse”

Greg Lukianoff and Adam Goldstein – “Opinion: Please, Georgetown. Don’t fire an academic over tweets”

Les Miserable: “Back to God”

YouTube: Brandt Jean to Amber Guyger: ‘I forgive you’

Charlestown Shooting Victims’ Families Forgive Accused Gunman 20% discount for Good Faith listeners: GoodFaith20

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