10 Martini Lunch

After describing the inner workings of a longstanding lunch among his friends that has become an institution unto itself and envisioning what his ideal “no rules” podcast might be like, Jonah asks the fundamental political question of our moment: What’s the matter with Texas? Jonah talks about how the state’s election lawsuit has released another swathe of intellectual dishonesty among right-wing tastemakers, as well as the “Kraken Caucus” (or is it the Kraken Kaukus?) more generally, and how the Constitution endorses trial by combat for picking elector slates (well, kind of). This is followed by a rumination on “corruption” in both its classical and modern sense, the updated Hunter Biden story (and the reaction to it), and how imprecise language mars our debates about censorship: “We use ‘censorship’ to mean both a government action as well as the exercise of editorial judgment that we don’t like.”

Show Notes:

GLoP: Origin Stories

This week’s Remnant with Reihan Salam

Martin Shkreli, DBOY

This week’s G-File

The Duke brothers

“One in quadrillion”

Burke’s “Speech to the Electors of Bristol”

The Five Thousand Year Leap

Happy Safe Harbor Day

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