A More Perfect Union

On today’s show, Jonah speaks to Manhattan Institute fellow and CCNY professor Daniel DiSalvo (an expert on public-sector unions and their history) to find out how the sausage really gets made in the intra-organizational politics of these public-sector unions, and how their influence is often the result of “the breakdown of machine politics – especially within the Democratic Party – in big cities.”

Show Notes:

–      Dan’s page at the Manhattan Institute

–      “The Trouble with Police Unions”

–      Dan’s latest book, Government Against Itself

–      The first work on the “New Class,” by Milovan Djilas

–      Maya Wiley back by the SEIU in NYC

–      DeBlasio was also endorsed by SEIU

–      Terry Moe’s book on teachers unions

–      New York teachers’ all-expenses-paid “rubber rooms”

–      The OG happy warrior

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