Andrew Ferguson, Master of Introversion

Andrew Ferguson’s follow-up appearance on The Remnant has been a long time coming, and you can tell; he and Jonah are filled with plenty of wisdom on the state of modern journalism, what the conservative media landscape used to be like, and how to not go completely hollow while keeping up with the news cycle.

Show Notes:

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The AtlanticAndy’s page at

Bob Dole: “I’m not bound by the platform. I probably agree with most everything in it, but I haven’t read it.”

Jonah: The center is a lonely place to be

“The New Journalism”

All Too HumanGeorge Stephanopoulos’

Donald Rumsfeld releases transcript of Woodward interview

“Springtime for Introverts”: Andy’s piece that was true… for a while for an extra 3 months on a year-long plan to stop overpaying on your insurance now

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