Bad Apples

Vincent Cannato, noted historian and Jonah’s fellow deracinated New Yorker, returns to the Remnant for a nerdily random discussion of cops, neoliberalism, and latent Russophobia. With tensions rising between East and West, Vin believes we are in the midst of an “ideological Cold War,” but Jonah (whose pronunciation of “Pokémon” may distract from any serious points he raises) is less convinced. How will America’s conflict with Russia and China unfold, and what strategy should the United States pursue? For that matter, is New York heading back to the ‘70s? What’s fueling America’s crime wave? And will safetyism soon destroy Vin’s university from within?

Show Notes:

Vin’s webpage

“The Editors” podcast on Russophobia

Jonah: “A Tale of Two Cold Wars”

Elliott Abrams: “The New Cold War”

The Wild Man of 96th St.

Biden’s New York crime speech

Jonah: “The Problem With Claiming That Policing Evolved From Slave Patrols”

Amazon’s Seattle relocation

Jeff Jacoby: “Pushing Back Against Indoctrination at UMass Boston”

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