Drive-Time Ruminant 2: Bamboo-galoo

Watch out, Howard Stern, because the FM radio Remnant format is back for another nerdtastic broadcast. Jonah is joined once again by Ryan, a covert NBC operative working to undermine The Dispatch from within, Guy, resident Anglophobe and Mark Steyn impersonator who will soon be releasing his own album of old standards, and Nick, Jonah’s long-suffering research assistant who might be America’s only involuntary Hoosier. The quartet explores pertinent topics of the moment, including Israel, mask mandates, all-American conspiracy theories, and the travails of Liz Cheney. But they also indulge in some less substantial discussion, and read some of their favorite listener reviews from recent months. How do you feel about the drive-time format? Enthusiastic, antipathetic, or indifferent? Whatever the case, let us know, because as this episode demonstrates, we pay attention to all of your feedback.

Show Notes:

Liz Cheney clashes with Bret Baier

The National Review editors discuss Cheney

“The Paranoid Style in American Politics”

February’s Remnant with Joe Uscinski on conspiracy theories

Jonah on connecting police to slave patrols

The kraken sleeps

The great bamboo conspiracy

The Wednesday G-File

Guy’s Sinatra piece, shamelessly plugged

George P. Bush battles the English language

Today’s Morning Joe, to be viewed at your own risk

The week’s first Remnant with Klon Kitchen

The week’s second Remnant with Niall Ferguson

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