Drive-Time Ruminant 4: A Farewell Potpourri

Fair warning: Eating styrofoam may prove more constructive than listening to today’s drive-time Remnant, which contains even less substance than your average Seinfeld episode. Jonah (scourge of baggage agents across America), Ryan (softball hero of the think-tank league and true retainer to The Remnant’s legacy), Guy (who contributed nothing to this episode because “Talkin’ Softball” was stuck in his head), and Nick (full-time Renfield to Jonah’s Dracula) reunite to explore the pointlessness of various government departments, kooky conservative reactions to making Juneteenth a federal holiday, and political blogging in the dark ages of the internet. The quartet also has sad news to impart: Beginning next week, Nick will no longer be serving as Jonah’s research assistant. To mark his departure and celebrate his legacy, the guys talk about absolute guff for about an hour, and then retroactively stick some newsy things onto the front of the show.

Show Notes:

The enduring strangeness of Jackie Butts (sorry, Jack)

Darkest drilling

The 2001 shoe bombing attempt

Tucker Carlson outcrazies himself

Andrew Egger on the latest January 6 conspiracy

Charlie Kirk confirms his genius

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