Fresh Meat

Filling in for an absentee Jonah, Chris Stirewalt is joined by A.B. Stoddard to provide some overpoweringly rank punditry on the state of the midterms. They begin by analyzing how current trends may affect the election results, before turning to the prospect of a political realignment in 2024 and the fear that the Inflation Reduction Act might fail to reduce inflation. Could a third party candidate win the next presidential election? Is Nancy Pelosi ready to step down? And is August an appropriate time to eat roast pork?

Show Notes:

A.B.’s page at RealClearPolitics

Chris’ page at The Dispatch

NewsNation’s recent election poll

Joe Manchin on Bret Baier

A.B.: “Biden Should Announce in 2023 That He Will Not Run Again”

Hakeem Jeffries: The next face of the Democratic Party?

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