Inflationary Fever

In yet another self-indulgent extravaganza, Jonah tackles political topics both old and new in today’s Ruminant. Leading off with current events, Jonah gives his thoughts on the final January 6th hearings and inflation’s tendency to make all other ills hurt worse. Next, in a fit of righteous indignation, Jonah dives deeply into his seemingly bottomless pit of Woodrow Wilson hatred to discuss the historic memory-holing of Wilson’s transgressions and their growing appreciation among the mainstream. Things are finally capped off with a lengthy discussion of tribalism, urban politics, and the failures of universities.

Producer’s note: This episode contains an abundance of Woodrow Wilson references. Out of concern for listeners’ sanity, the musical cue was reserved for only the most poignant of mentions.

Show Notes:

Rick Perlstein: “When America Had a Moral Panic Over Inflation”

The New York Times reviews American Midnight

Jonah: “Of Memory Holes and Memory Buriers”

The New York Times reviews Liberal Fascism

This week’s Dispatch Podcast

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