Jonny Law

Live from the uncomfortably moist surroundings of Houston, Texas, Jonah’s joined by Jonathan Adler—Case Western University professor and trusted law-talking guy—for some scatterbrained political, legal, and economic geekery. Today’s topics include the Trump indictment, the full-spectrum crankery of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the slow decline of common good constitutionalism, and how free markets can help the environment. Throughout, the punditry is unfiltered, the policy talk is relentlessly eggheady, and the Hillary bashing is surprisingly pertinent. 

Show Notes:

Jonathan: “Learning How to Fish”

Jonathan: “Senate Goes Nuclear, Expect Fallout”

Jonathan: “Markets and Dematerialization”

Matthew Scully’s defense of Robert F. Kennedy Jr…

…and Jonathan’s response

Samoa suffered a measles outbreak after anti-vaccine sentiment rose

Jonah: “Republicans wanted Clinton prosecuted for her emails. And now they defend Trump?”

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