Merci, Monsieur Douthat

New York Times columnist and resident French expert Ross Douthat returns once more to talk about his new book, The Decadent Society. He makes the case that decadence is more than just high-calorie desserts and rich Corinthian leather; the phenomenon is more about the space race, the birth dearth, our dumb Hollywood blockbusters, and our painful politics. Oh, and the coronavirus has turned him into a doomsday prepper. But Ross is a Bonhomme if you will, so we’re betting he survives his book tour unscathed.

Show Notes:

Ross’ book, The Decadent Society

Daniel Kahneman on thinking fast and slow

The evils of the coronavirus distributors in public bathrooms

The process of recording an audiobook

Peter Thiel and his “almost lifelike” enunciation

Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn to Decadence

Suicide of the West, now out in paperback!

F.J. Turner’s Frontier thesis

Where UN peacekeepers have succeeded, and where they’ve failed

Robert Nisbet’s recounting of the WWI horse problem

Tina Fey on Conan O’Brien’s podcast

Ross’ NYT podcast

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