Not Great, Bob

Though his wife and RA continue to plead for him to stop, Jonah can’t be deterred from following the self-destructive path of the weekly Ruminant, especially with a legion of overly eager wedding guests on his side. Today’s episode features a predictably peculiar melange of topics, among them the hideous second GOP debate, the misguided fondness for autocrats present on parts of the right, and the validity of the Biden impeachment inquiry. Remnant devotees should stick around until the end for further details on The Skiff, an exciting new podcast feature coming to The Dispatch that’s sure to consume far too much of your life.

Show Notes:

The Dispatch Podcast on the second GOP debate

Philip Bump: “The Rise of ‘Chinese Communist Party’ as a Pejorative”

Jonah: “When the Stupid Futility Is the Point”

Do the facts speak for themselves?

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