Senator Shoshana, Twitter Primadonna

Shoshana Weissmann is a Renaissance woman, and only at age 27: she’s the head of digital media at R Street Institute, a policy fellow specializing in occupational licensing, and an institution unto herself on social media. She brings a blessed breath of brevity to this episode of The Remnant, on which there is no coronavirus talk! She and Jonah touch on some hilarious job licensing restrictions (fortune tellers?), talk a little memes, a little charismatic megafauna, a little Judaism, and even a little online dating. It’s a reminder of how life was before “The Event,” so it’s really a can’t-miss.

Show Notes:

Shoshana at R Street

Professor Randy Barnett, Shoshana’s inspiration

The wild world of florist licenses in Louisiana

George Will on Jacob Maged, the immigrant dry cleaner punished by the National Recovery Administration

The city of Annapolis’ occupational license for fortune-telling

Shoshana stans Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Oklahoma’s trying to regulate your Qi

The legendary Snapchat hotdog

Giant prehistoric sloths

The uniquely interesting history of Ethiopian Jews


Michael Novak: “A neoconservative is a progressive with three teenage children.”

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