Taking Liberties

Patrick Deneen has released a new book, and predictably, Jonah has some pointed opinions on it. To critique Deneen’s post-liberal vision for American society and the political right, Jonah is joined by a returning Stephanie Slade, senior editor at Reason and noted liberty-lover. With furious agreement and ornery hand-wringing, they take a deep dive into the strange world of the new right, analyzing how seriously we should take its vision for the conservative movement. They also provide a few thoughts on the state of Catholicism, what the Dobbs decision revealed about voters, and why nobody can agree about immigration.

Show Notes:

-Watch: Jonah Goldberg interview Stephanie Slade

Stephanie’s page at Reason

Jonah: “Patrick Deneen’s Otherworldly Regime”

Stephanie: “Liberalism Isn’t Rule by Elites”

Stephanie: “The New Right Isn’t So New”

Stephanie: “The Rise of Right-Progressivism”

Adrian Vermeule: “Integration From Within”

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