Tales from the Free Speech Foxhole

David French graciously guest-hosts in Jonah’s place on today’s program, wherein he has a long-ranging conversation with a longtime friend, Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. David and Greg discuss some of the silliest and most sinister examples of censorship regimes on college campuses from recent history, the history of the campus free speech movement stretching back to the 1950s, David’s memories of being a conservative at Harvard Law School, and the moment that Greg realized that “the students themselves had become the main proponents of censorship.” By coincidence, it’s our second Remnantin a row that is largely about modern cancel culture and censorship, rounded out by a conversation about the Snyder Cut. The only difference, really, is that David and Greg seriously dig it.

Show Notes:

Greg Lukianoff of FIRE

The Coddling of the American Mind, by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

Herbert Marcuse and campus free speech

Greg: “Speech Codes: The Biggest Scandal on College Campuses Today”

“Inappropriately directed laughter”

“Beirut on the Charles”

Greg’s first book, Unlearning Liberty

Indian River Community College bans The Passion of the Christ

The Eternally Radical Idea

The Ronald Zaccari Memorial Parking Garage

Greg debates Ken White on cancel culture

Greg talks about social justice graduate requirements in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Alexi McCammond fired from Teen Vogue over old tweets

Jonathan Rauch on how to tell if you’re being canceled

The Revolt of the Public, by Martin Gurri

Amazon pulls Ryan T. Anderson’s book on transgender issues

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