The Abyss Stares Back

For your viewing pleasure, today’s Ruminant is accompanied by live footage of Jonah as he succumbs to the lure of multi-platform synergy. Those interested can find the additional content on our podcasts channel on YouTube.  Does this spell the end for “No you won’t, this is a podcast”? In response to having been so rudely dragged into the future, Jonah delivers an outright curmudgeonly diatribe on just about every topic under the sun. From Kamala Harris saying her stage directions out loud, to the dangerous mirage of “new” ideas, no subject is safe from his ire. What’s going on with Silicon Valley Bank? What’s the difference between an explanation and an excuse? And does Jonah wear a toupee? (He does not.)

Show Notes:

Kamala Harris’ Late Show Appearance

-Watch: Jonah Goldberg on SVB Collapse

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