Tossed Salads and Scrambled Meigs

James Meigs, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and contributing editor at City Journal, makes his Remnant debut in today’s wildly wonky exploration of clean energy, tech policy, and environmentalism. He and Jonah kick things off by talking about the elephant(‘s foot) in the room––nuclear power––before seamlessly transitioning to the terrifying subject of artificial intelligence. Come for the well deserved nuclear boosterism; stay for the existential dread provoked by the idea of malevolent chatbots ruling the meatspace.

Show Notes:

-Watch: The Case for Nuclear Power with Jonah Goldberg & James Meigs

James’s podcast, How Do We Fix It?

James’ page at the Manhattan Institute

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The Remnant with Paul Bloom

The Remnant with Michael H. Parsons

James: “Elite Panic vs. the Resilient Populace

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