The Noblest Savage

Today’s ranty Ruminant features killer whales, hunter-gatherers, and a special appearance by Jonah’s importunate dingo. It also includes as much kvetching about partisan craziness and misunderstood aspects of intellectual history as you’d expect. Jonah begins by discussing the latest Trump tax scandal, the root cause of Tucker Carlson’s apparent insanity, and the GOP brouhaha over the Janury 6 commission. He then reflects on Donald Rumsfeld’s time in the White House. The show concludes with a mini-commercial for Suicide of the West, gratuitous shots at Rousseau and Marx, and reflections on the Fourth of July. It’s a veritable Goldbergian greatest hits.

Show Notes:

Andy McCarthy on Manhattan’s Ahab

Scott Gottleib’s new book, Uncontrolled Spread

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