Velocity of Bahnsen

After several years worth of appearances, David Bahnsen (managing partner and chief investment officer at the Bahnsen Group) finally comes on to talk about his main gig: how money works. It only took five whole shows for Jonah to stop asking him about the postmillenial view about how the world’s going to end. But what better time to start asking about the economy than now, as the national conversation turns to taxing the rich, reopening the economy after a year and a half, and whether or not we’re entering an inflationary spiral? Oh, and David’s in the Five-Timer’s Club now.

Show Notes:

That time that David Bahnsen started COVID

David sub-hosts for Jonah, talks to David (the other one)

Remember “flattening” the curve?

David recognized a COVID/obesity connection in May 2020

Jonah on the ProPublica story

David’s somewhat mistimed book on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign

David in Commentary on wealth tax proposals

Larry Summers doesn’t like wealth taxes

“Sticky wages”… gross

Lacey Hunt thinks inflation ends with a whimper, not a bang

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