You Only Sail Twice

As Jonah prepares to drop off the grid for a week, he brings Guy, his immigrant majordomo, back on the Remnant to ask an eclectic selection of listener questions. Predictably, things start innocently enough with some hyper-rank punditry on 2024 and a brief canine update, but afterward, they quickly get weird. From talk of ChatGPT and zombies overthrowing the established world order to musings on scotch, wrestling, and pretentious foreign movies, the second half of this episode is a unique ride. By the end, Jonah’s perception of Guy may have been permanently altered.

Show Notes:

– Tuesday’s Ruminant

– David Drucker breaks down Nikki Haley’s announcement

– The Dispatch Podcast on Haley, Harris, and helium

– Kurt Schlichter: “No to Nikki Harris”

– The Bing chatbot’s freakouts

– The Remnant with Jim Pethokoukis

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