Biden Investigations

Into the Briar Patch

Will Biden benefit from the GOP’s impeachment inquiry?

House Republicans’ Impeachment Holdout

GOP Rep. Ken Buck isn't thrilled Speaker Kevin McCarthy has started throwing around ‘the I-word.’

The Allegations Against the Bidens, Explained

Which claims allege criminal behavior, which don’t, and what evidence supports them?

What Devon Archer Told Congress

The House Oversight Committee releases the transcript of its closed-door session with Hunter Biden’s former business associate.

Hunter Biden’s Art Sale Allegations, Explained

A report that the president’s son was aware of two buyers of his paintings has sparked controversy, but key questions remain unknown.

Congress Debates Airline Pilot Safety Measures

Plus: An impeachment inquiry could give House Republicans more power to investigate Joe Biden.

When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

No one should be confident in their opinion of the Hunter Biden allegations.

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty

Some Republicans are lambasting the plea agreement as a ‘slap on the wrist.’

Blind Oversight

James Comer is trying very hard to tie the president to the investigation of Hunter Biden.