A Late Summer COVID-19 Surge

‘You’ll get mild illness with this virus for decades to come … But that’s okay.’

The New School Closures

Despite getting millions in pandemic aid, not all schools are equipped to stay open.

The Return of COVID Anxiety Poses Problems for Democrats

No one—except for a few hardliners—wants to hear about lockdowns and mask mandates.

U.S. Reservists to Boost NATO

Plus: Biden administration blocks Wuhan lab from further funding.

The End of COVID Politics

Dead or just resting?

Fact Check: Teachers Union Head Says She Wanted Schools to Reopen During Pandemic

The union leader omitted important context during her congressional testimony.

The Public Still Deserves Answers About Our COVID Response

Three years on, a blue-ribbon commission should investigate where we went wrong—and what we got right.

A Round of GOF

How gain-of-function research fits into Congress’ COVID origins investigations: a Dispatch Explainer.

Millions May Lose Their Pandemic Medicaid Coverage

The expiration of a temporary pandemic measure could cause headaches for states and Medicaid enrollees.

Will Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Stand?

The Supreme Court considers the program Tuesday.

The COVID-19 National Emergency Finally Set to End

What changes can you expect come May 11?

Fact Checking a Fake Headline About COVID-19 Vaccines

An image of an authentic article was digitally altered.

The Needle and the Damage Done

Is anti-vaxxism getting worse?

Shoulda, Coulda, Oughta

Our elected officials would rather complain about problems than solve them.

Elon for a Day

How the Twitter czar is like Xi Jinping.