The COVID-19 National Emergency Finally Set to End

What changes can you expect come May 11?

Fact Checking a Fake Headline About COVID-19 Vaccines

An image of an authentic article was digitally altered.

The Needle and the Damage Done

Is anti-vaxxism getting worse?

Shoulda, Coulda, Oughta

Our elected officials would rather complain about problems than solve them.

Elon for a Day

How the Twitter czar is like Xi Jinping.

Ron DeSantis Gambles on Vaccine Grievance

The Florida governor launches a risky political attack as he takes the pole position in 2024 speculation.

Do the Vaccinated Now Make Up the Majority of COVID Deaths?

Yes, but context is required.

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Zero-COVID’s Lasting Damage

Xi Jinping’s pandemic miscalculations could cost China big.

Fact Check: Do Booster Shots Increase a Person’s Likelihood of Getting COVID?

There is no evidence to support such claims.

How Not to Fight COVID Learning Loss

A new study calls for $500 billion more than what was already spent on education-related pandemic relief.

Fact Checking Claims About Ivermectin From Rep. Paul Gosar

There is no conclusive evidence that the anti-parasitic medication is an effective treatment for COVID.

The Morning Dispatch: Biden Says Pandemic Over—But Not the National Emergency

Plus: Protests rack Iran after the death of a young woman in morality police custody.

Pop Quiz: Are School COVID Relief Funds Working?

Educators and analysts still don’t understand whether the billions the federal government sent to schools is achieving its goals.

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Ottawa Protests Offer a Window Into Our Political Transformations

Remember when the left loved protests and the right loved law and order?

Democrats Waffle on Mask Messaging

As Democratic governors ease mask mandates, liberal lawmakers struggle to recalibrate their pandemic messaging.