Israel’s War Against Hamas Continues

The IDF plans to take the tunnels under Rafah as the country grapples with the tunnel under UNRWA HQ.

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Hamas Is Winning the Propaganda War

Let us not forget who is to blame for the current violence in Gaza.

How to Keep Hamas From Bouncing Back

Saleh al-Arouri helped the terrorist organization develop a strategy to recover from setbacks. He may be gone but his playbook lives on.

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The Abyss Beckons

A Palestinian’s reflection on escalating suffering, persistent support for Hamas, and aspirations for peace.

The Stupidity of Hamas Tankies

Discrediting two movements at once.

Youth Gone Wild

The Democratic rift over Israel is deepening.

On Morality and Restraint

‘Israel’s campaign isn’t a police action to arrest criminals—it is war.’

Inaccurate Claims Are Circulating About Deaths at Al-Shifa Hospital

The Quds News Network deleted a post stating that ‘all ICU patients’ had died but the image is still circulating.

What, Exactly, Should Israel Do?

A sincere question for those who think Israel shouldn’t respond to Hamas.

Antisemitism Swells in the West

Violence against Jews has increased since the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel.

Israel’s Limited Ground Invasion Begins

War in the dense Gaza Strip takes another deadly turn.

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What a Ground Campaign in Gaza Will Look Like

Expect a drawn-out battle with high casualty counts—and frightening global implications.

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Washington Braces for a Broader War in the Middle East

Recent attacks on U.S. troops signal the growing danger of a regional conflict.

IDF Confirms It Damaged a Church in a Strike on a Hamas Command Center

The Israelis stressed that the Church of Saint Porphyrius was not a target.

Truth and Power

Those who lack the latter could stand to hear a little more of the former.

Gaza in the Crossfire

Palestinians attempt to evacuate before the next phase of war.