Kamala Harris

My Merit—Your Racism

Merit is weaponized ‘whiteness’ when it’s a barrier to entry, an indisputable fact when certain groups get the spoils of status.

It Isn’t About Kamala Harris

The vice president is not why Democrats aren’t dumping Joe Biden.

The Veepstakes Are Too High for Kamala Harris

President Biden should find a new running mate for his reelection campaign.

No Exit

The Democrats’ Kamala Harris problem.

Time to Step Aside?

Questions about Biden’s 2024 bid are mounting—among Democrats.

With Abortion Comments, Trump Hands DeSantis Iowa Opportunity

Plus: A pro-choice gala spotlights Kamala Harris on Tuesday.

The Narratives Are Taking Hold

Neither side thinks it can lose in 2024.

The Unfit Ticket

Even Democrats doubt Biden/Harris 2024 is up to snuff.

The Sweep: How Teflon Ron Is Repelling Trump’s Attacks

The more the former president goes after DeSantis, the more viable he looks.

Kamala Harris’ Big Problem? She Was a Bad Pick in the First Place.

Her supporters blame racism, sexism, the media, even the White House.