Nations Aren’t People

So why do we treat them as such?

It’s Nietzsche’s World, You’re Just Living In It

Even if you don’t realize it.

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Hamas Is Winning the Propaganda War

Let us not forget who is to blame for the current violence in Gaza.

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A Civilian Is a Civilian

Many Gazan innocents have abhorrent ideas. That doesn’t make them morally legitimate—or strategically prudent—targets in war.

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The Abyss Beckons

A Palestinian’s reflection on escalating suffering, persistent support for Hamas, and aspirations for peace.

House Democrats’ Rashida Tlaib Problem

‘She was well-liked when she got to Congress. A lot of people don’t like her anymore.’

Gaza in the Crossfire

Palestinians attempt to evacuate before the next phase of war.

Left Behind by History

To forget can be a blessing.

The Wretched of the Earth

Democrats face an identity crisis after Hamas’ attack on Israel.

A ‘Black Day’ in Israel

Terrorists from Gaza killed hundreds of Israelis in recent days, but the fight may just be getting started.

India and Canada’s Fraying Relationship

Plus: Saudi Arabia reaches out to the Palestinians.