Pro-Life Movement

Hard Numbers, Hard Spot for GOP on Abortion

The pro-choice contingent of the electorate had been growing since 2010. And then Roe v. Wade fell.

Liar’s Poker

Did Trump’s abortion statement change anything?

Trump Backs State-by-State Abortion Legislation

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Souljah Boy

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Alabama’s Mad Dash to Offer IVF Clinics Blanket Immunity

There are risks to lawmaking in a fit of political desperation amid a media firestorm.

Alabama Supreme Court Sparks IVF Debate

The ruling protecting frozen embryos under the state’s wrongful death law, explained.

Dumb as a Bag of Bricks

Some Republican voters see abortion as a political problem. But what if the political problem is Republicans?

Ahead of New Hampshire, Haley Dishes Out ‘Hard Truths’ About Trump

Plus: A well-organized Trump campaign feels confident and the pro-life movement marches on.

The Pro-Life Movement’s Aspirational Moment

Those seeking to protect the unborn will continue to use politics but must also be committed to persuasion.

After Abortion Losses, Pro-Life Groups Fear GOP Retreat

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A Banner Off-Year Election Night For Democrats

Youngkin faces disaster in Virginia as abortion boosts Democrats almost everywhere.

Our Best Stuff From a Week the Government Didn’t Shut Down

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Why the Pro-Life Movement Wasn’t Ready for a Post-Roe World

Dobbs represented a remarkable legal victory, but the anti-abortion cause has struggled to win hearts and minds.

Donald Trump Puts Pro-Lifers on the Back Foot

Plus: A cold war between two Florida congressmen previews a possible Florida governor primary in 2026.

The End of the Pro-Life Movement

As we know it, anyway.

How Joe Biden Plans to Use MAGA Against Republicans

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