Religious Liberty

Civil Liberties Don’t Impede the Common Good—They Advance It

A look back at Robert P. George’s ‘Making Men Moral’ on its 30th anniversary.

Understanding Mike Johnson’s Social Conservatism

What we can learn from his work for the Christian legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Cherry-picking the Western Canon

A review of Patrick Deneen’s ‘Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future.’

Supreme Court Guts Affirmative Action

Plus: The justices also rule unanimously in favor of a Christian postal worker.

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Iran’s Battle Against the Baha’is

The Islamic Republic takes advantage of public unrest to crack down on the religious minority—including two grandmothers.

The Art of Compulsion

Navigating Americans’ God-given right to be wrong, sometimes.

An Open Letter to Those Who Think I’ve Lost My Christian Faith

Is this “how conservatism dies”?

Explaining the Right’s Debate Over the Senate’s Gay Marriage Bill

Religious freedom advocates don’t all agree on the Respect for Marriage Act.

It’s Time for a Return to Virtue

Christians should be grateful for the many victories for religious liberty in recent decades. But virtue is required to support that liberty.