Disregard for the Constitution? That’s on Us.

From the Electoral College to the Senate, reforms to our founding charters are possible without amendments.

Handicapping the 2024 Senate Map

Prepare for a real battle for control of the upper chamber next year.

Tommy Tuberville’s Military Holdups Picking Up GOP Detractors

And why don’t senators ever try to sneak unanimous consent requests through the chamber?

House and Senate Republicans Clash Over Military Aid

Support to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan hangs in the balance.

‘China’s Not Going Away’

Sen. Bill Cassidy says senators talked fentanyl with Xi Jinping, but human rights not a top topic.

A Madisonian Proposal for Filibuster Reform

It’s possible to restore the Senate to a place of cool, reasoned deliberation.

Shutdown Incoming

Breaking down lawmakers’ options for breaking the stalemate.

The Politics of Bob

How much credit do Democrats deserve for turning against Menendez?

Squeezing the Speaker

Why a small minority has such power over Kevin McCarthy.

Unpacking the Menendez Indictment

The New Jersey senator faces another round of bribery charges, and Democrats are split on his next move.

Uniform Stupidity

Our institutions are so weak that they cannot tell anyone to grow up and play by the rules.

Kevin McCarthy’s Historically Bad Week

Plus: Washington welcomes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Sort of.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s Military Holdup, Explained

Is the blockade of confirmations and promotions hurting military preparedness?

Against Slobs

Craving decorum in an unserious age.

Dave McCormick to Announce Pennsylvania Senate Run in Pittsburgh

The Republican has broad support for the nomination to face Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

Congress Heads Toward a September Scramble

The gap between the House and Senate spending plans grows as the end of the fiscal year approaches.