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Our Best Stuff Marking the Second Anniversary of the War in Ukraine

Plus: The truth about Moscow grocery stores and Biden’s diminished mental capacity.

Unfrozen Caveman Tucker

Simple folk wisdom can be persuasive, even when pushed by an obvious phony.

The Last Redoubt

Why Trump’s foreign policy hasn’t conquered the GOP—yet.

Our Best Stuff on Tucker Carlson, Fani Willis, and More

Plus: the third anniversary of the Senate’s second acquittal of Donald Trump.

There’s a Tucker Born Every Minute

On Alexei Navalny and coin-operated grocery carts.

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The Full Duranty

Vladimir Putin’s U.S. admirers are full of it.

Assessing Claims by Vladimir Putin in His Interview With Tucker Carlson

The Russian president made a series of false or misleading statements.

MAGA’s Newest Punching Bag

At Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest this week, Nikki Haley was Public Enemy No. 1.

Fact Checking Claims that Lloyd Austin ‘Threatened’ to Send American Troops to Fight Russia

Tucker Carlson mischaracterized Austin’s comments during a classified briefing.

TikTok Democrats and 4Chan Republicans

Civilization and its discontents.

No, Trump’s Interview With Tucker Carlson Was Not the Most-Watched Video ‘In the History of the World’

Twitter’s ‘views’ metric offers an inflated measure of actual viewership.

Post-Debate, Nikki Haley Gets a Second Look

Plus: Trump and Tucker discuss the prospect of civil war.

Ted Cruz Braces for Another Reelection Battle

Plus, Tucker Carlson grills GOP hopefuls on Ukraine during an Iowa cattle call that Donald Trump skips.

Our Best Stuff About 2024, the NATO Summit, and Ukraine

Plus, Tucker Carlson takes over the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis Dominate GOP Fundraising

Plus: A preview of today’s social conservative cattle call in Iowa.

Conflict Resolution

Who won the GOP civil war over Ukraine?