Ukraine War

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Russian Propaganda Targets the Use of Depleted Uranium in Ukraine

The munitions aren’t prohibited and are considered conventional munitions.

Comedy With No Sense of Humor

Underdog stories are a reliable path to wealth and fame—and all too easy to make up.

Claims That Ukraine Wants to Extradite Refugees Are Russian Disinformation

An emerging narrative exemplifies the complexities of Russian propaganda.

Fact Check: Did NATO Just Place 300,000 Troops on High Alert After a Biden Gaffe?

The toops were placed on alert more than a year ago, and not in response to a statement from the president.

The Arguments Against Aiding Ukraine Still Fall Flat

The United States is better off helping the country thwart Russian aggression.

The Most Useful Idiot

Trapped in Elon Musk’s world.

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Ukraine Looks Long-Range and Long-Term

To bring the fight to Russia, Kyiv eyes building up its own defense industry.

Fact Checking Claims About a Coup in Belarus

Reports of organized political opposition and the overthrow of Lukashenko’s government are unfounded.

A Pivotal Moment for Ukraine

The counteroffensive grinds on, but U.S. support could be on the verge of drying up.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of the First Debate

Plus, F-16s to Ukraine and a debate about Trump and the 14th Amendment.

F-16s Raise Questions about the Future of Ukraine Aid

The White House’s delay in sending fighter jets gives more time for GOP support for Ukraine aid to wither.


Will stalemate in Ukraine sink Biden?

Checking In on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

“I don’t want to say that this is the last chance that Ukraine has to make progress, but it might be one of the last ones.”

Ukraine’s Stalled Counteroffensive, Explained 

Efforts to reclaim occupied territory have faced early setbacks, but Ukraine is focused on the long term.

Let Them Eat Yellowcake

If Iran is going to help Russia destroy the world’s food supplies, then let Iran pay the price for it.

Russia’s Withdrawal From Ukraine Grain Deal Threatens Millions

Food shortages are likely if agricultural goods can't get out of the Black Sea.