Ukraine War

Trump’s Latest NATO Threats

The former president has ramped up his rhetoric against the alliance on the campaign trail. Should he be taken literally?

A Shake-Up in Ukraine

Can new leadership in the Ukrainian military help to turn the tides of war?

Assessing Claims by Vladimir Putin in His Interview With Tucker Carlson

The Russian president made a series of false or misleading statements.

Is a Congressional Deal on Immigration and Ukraine Funding Dead?

A bill to stem the tide of illegal immigration may pass the Senate, but its chances in the House look increasingly slim.

Reading Between the Lies

Trump’s fact-free rant against NATO is more about bolstering his argument against Ukraine funding.

Zelensky Delivers His Wish List to Washington

The Ukrainian president makes a personal pitch for continued military aid.

Ukraine Funding at Impasse over Immigration

The debate about the supplemental funding plan goes off the rails.

The Importance of Rebuilding the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’

The U.S. can aid Ukraine and Israel at the same time—for now. But the long-term outlook is less certain.

Autumn of War

Has Ukraine’s war against Russia turned into a stalemate?

Our Best Stuff on Ukraine, the War in Gaza, and 2024

Plus: Joe Biden has a challenger and Nikki Haley is on the rise.

Assessing Vivek Ramaswamy’s Claims About Ukraine

The GOP candidate made several misleading assertions about the nation and President Volodymyr Zelensky during last week's primary debate.

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Inside Ukraine’s Revolutionary Warfare

Low-cost DIY technology is changing how battles are fought.

U.S. Oversight of Ukraine Aid, Explained

Where does it come from and where does it go?

Biden’s Words Speak Louder Than His Actions

The president’s risk-averse foreign policy only invites more conflict.

House and Senate Republicans Clash Over Military Aid

Support to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan hangs in the balance.