Deputy Editor, The Morning Dispatch

About The Dispatch: At a time of growing industry uncertainty and an alarming erosion of civic discourse, The Dispatch stands out as a platform for thoughtful coverage, respectful dialogue and a wildly engaged community of paying members. We bring a perspective—we’re conservatives, classical liberals, libertarians—but we’re fiercely independent, standing apart from media outlets increasingly engaged in partisan boosterism. Started by Steve Hayes, the Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Standard, and Jonah Goldberg, editor at National Review in 2019, The Dispatch has filled a valuable gap on the center-right in the media ecosystem as captured in recent articles in TechcrunchThe Atlantic and other publications.

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The Deputy Editor of The Morning Dispatch will play a key role in planning, researching, writing, and editing The Dispatch’s daily morning newsletter. Reporting to the Associate Editor of The Morning Dispatch, a successful candidate will have a strong grasp on American politics, public policy, and media, and be resourceful and flexible enough to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.​​ The Deputy Editor will exhibit a willingness and ability to learn about new topics on a daily basis—they will be writing about the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines one day and civil war in Ethiopia the next—and demonstrate a sense of pride in the accuracy and quality of their work.

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