Did the COVID Vaccine Cause a Nurse to Faint?

As health care workers across the country receive the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, viral misinformation about the safety of the vaccine continues to spread across social media. 

One such source of misleading information comes from a viral Facebook video, which shows a nurse fainting in the middle of a press conference at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The video is captioned as follows:  “A #nurse in #chattanooga#tennessee took the #covidvacccine then did a press conference afterwards to tell people how safe the vaccine was…But she ended up fainting on live TV. Are y’all ready for your shots now?”

While it’s true that the nurse, a critical care nurse named Tiffany Dover, did faint after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on December 17 at CHI Memorial Hospital, and the shot may have played a role, the vaccine itself was not the cause.This post is missing context as it suggests that the vaccine itself caused her to faint, proof of an unsafe vaccine. This isn’t the case. 

In a video for WRCB Chattanooga, an NBC affiliate, shortly after the incident, Dover explained that her fainting episode was not uncommon and that she has a history of “having an overactive vagal response.” She explained that means if she has “pain from anything, a hangnail, if I stub my toe, I can just pass out.” Dover said that “she feels fine now and the pain in my arm is very minimal actually.” She also mentioned that she had “passed out probably six times in the past six weeks, it’s common for me.”

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  • Hospital should vet interviewees a bit better?

  • That is well known to occur with some vaccines. The HPV has done that to healthy teenage girls. Unbelievable how so many people are hoping to debunk a great medical advancement.

  • Merry Christmas Khaya!

  • That feels like a really bad PR call on the hospital’s part. Who should we use to promote the vaccine? How about our fainting nurse!