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Final Call: Our 30-Day Free Trial Ends Today
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Final Call: Our 30-Day Free Trial Ends Today

Join us for independent, fact-driven reporting and commentary.

Dear Dispatch Friends, 

For the last month, we’ve been running a 30-day free trial offer. In typical Dispatch fashion, it has not been a high-pressure sales pitch, either in frequency or intensity. If it crossed your screen, I’m sure some of you thought: “You know, I’d like to give it a shot—I’ll sign up before the offer ends.” 

Well, the offer ends today at midnight. We’d hate for you to miss it. So, if you’re going to do it, now is the time.

That’s it—that’s as pushy as I’ll be. 

We’re doing something different with The Dispatch. We see ourselves as machete-wielding guides through the thicket of information and chaos that is Washington, D.C. We come to this work with a broad worldview—we’re all conservatives of one kind or another. But we don’t hide our views or pretend that we don’t hold them. And we’re never, ever partisans. We put a premium on facts and intellectual honesty—and we check each other to make sure we’re living up to the standards that we’ve set for ourselves. 

If you value independent journalism and this kind of honest, straightforward approachjoin us.

Simply grab your credit card, choose the annual term on the membership page, and start enjoying all of our editorial products right away—your first 30 days of membership are on usfor FREEYou can cancel anytime in those first 30 days and your credit card will not be charged. We’re confident that you’ll find value in what we’re doing and we hope you’ll decide to stick with us through what will sure be an eventful coming year.

With the 30-day free trial you’ll get immediate access to the full version of The Morning Dispatch each day, members-only G-Files from Jonah Goldberg, twice-weekly bonus editions of The French Press from David French. There’s our national security newsletter from Thomas Joscelyn, Vital Interests, and our newsletter on economics from Scott Lincicome, Capitolism. And, finally, to get you through the next month there’s The Sweep from Sarah Isgur and our team of reporters, a deeply reported look at the 2020 election and the issues driving it. 

Beyond that, you’ll be invited to regular members-only Dispatch Live livestreams and bonus podcast segments. And, you’ll have commenting privileges on all of our posts and podcasts, giving you entry to one of the rare spaces on the political internet for civil discussion and debate, where people from a wide range of ideological and philosophical perspectives come to exchange ideas and views with the authors and one another, without the hostility and bitterness so prevalent on social media. And when the world finally emerges from this COVID crouch, you’ll get early invitations to many of the in-person events that The Dispatch will hold—in the nation’s capital and around the country.

If this appeals to you, give us a shot. It’s free for 30 days. No obligation, easy to cancel. And no hard feelings if you decide it’s not worth the money. We’ll be honored to have you continue as a reader of the work we publish for free.

Thanks for your consideration.


Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes is CEO and editor of The Dispatch, based in Annapolis, Maryland. Prior to co-founding the company in 2019, he worked at The Weekly Standard for 18 years, covering Washington, politics, and national security. Steve is the author of two New York Times bestsellers. He also worked as a contributor at CNN and Fox News, and currently serves as a political analyst at NBC News. When Steve is not focused on The Dispatch, he’s probably traveling with his family, grilling, or riding his mountain bike.