From Jonah Goldberg: Why Not Try Out the Dispatch for a Month?

Dear Reader (Including those of you who only read the G-File for the canine updates),

I’m being presumptuous, but hopefully not too presumptuous. This note is mostly going out to the folks who subscribe to the free Friday Goldberg File. And I’m grateful and flattered that you do. If that’s all you can take of me, I certainly understand. If you don’t even subscribe to that and made it on this list anyway, I apologize for the presumptuousness.  

But please hear me out anyway.

You should know that some of our best stuff is for members only (including my Wednesday G-File, now with a fresh lemon scent). And even if that doesn’t entice you, by becoming a fully paid member, you get more newsletters—from David French, Scott Lincicome, and The Dispatch staff—that are available only to members, including our must-read, full-length Morning Dispatch, which not only keeps you up on what’s important without wasting your time but gives you a leg up on what’s going to be important soon.

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