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Introducing the Newest Dispatch Podcast Host
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Introducing the Newest Dispatch Podcast Host

Jamie Weinstein joins the skiff.

Over the course of his career, Jamie Weinstein has written for National Review, Rolling Stone, and The Daily Beast. He’s appeared as a commentator on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. And today, we are thrilled to announce that he’s joining our ranks, taking over the Monday episode of The Dispatch Podcast as host.

Those of you who listened to The Jamie Weinstein Show in years past know the caliber of conversation—and guests—to expect from Jamie. As we head into a pivotal election year, he will be talking to political insiders, media titans, and public intellectuals across the ideological spectrum, using his unique interview style to navigate difficult topics in a nuanced and respectful way—a Dispatchian rejection of partisan clichés.

Expect challenging discussions, smart explainers, and some breaking news, too.
Jamie hosted an (unofficial) episode last week about international law, and his (official) debut—with Graeme Wood of The Atlanticis out today. He also joined Sarah, Steve, and Jonah on Friday’s roundtable discussion.

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