Our Best Stuff From a Week We Went Big on Policy

Happy Saturday! I’m not sure if where you are is super hot or extra rainy, but I’m guessing it’s one of the two. Which makes it a great day to stay inside and read—and have we got some stuff for you!

By now you’ve heard our spiel a few times: We started The Dispatch to focus on reporting and informed commentary. We wanted to do deep dives on policy, analyze legislation, evaluate and critique the leaders we elect to represent us. 

For a while, when I would tell people about my job or those familiar with it would ask how it was going, I would reply, “Well, it’s been busy. We knew when we launched that the runup to the election would be hectic, but we sure didn’t plan on a pandemic or a summer of protests and riots or, well, this,” and then I would shrug and gesture wildly and everyone knew I was talking about the aftermath of the election.

Don’t get me wrong: We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing all along. We brought you firsthand accounts from doctors who were treating COVID patients, we covered the pandemic relief stimulus packages, we tracked the development of the vaccines. We covered all aspects of the Trump administration and the 2020 campaign. We did some of our best work in the aftermath of the election, and even broke a little news. 

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