The GOP Isn’t Too Popular. Guess What? Neither Are Democrats.

Depending on where you spend your time on social media and which cable networks you watch, you might think that the GOP is taking the country to hell in a handbasket. The GOP is routinely criticized for its hypocritical leadership and the fractured state of the GOP is problematic for many. But new survey data make it absolutely clear that despite the people fleeing the Republican party aligning themselves with Democrats, the Democratic party is, in fact, equally and in some cases more disliked by Americans at the moment. 

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are perceived to be meeting the needs of America well as we head into the November election. While many are unhappy with the Republican party, its leadership and its handling of COVID-19, it is a mistake to believe that the Democratic party is widely admired and that its policies are being embraced by most Americans—this is simply untrue. 

Thanks to a new national study as part of AEI’s Survey Center on American Life, survey data not only shows that Americans have overwhelmingly negative views of both parties, but also that these ratings are far worse than the traditional favorability metrics that have been used for decades. 

In fact, neither party garners a favorability rating better than 50 percent: Just 37 percent of Americans have a favorable or very favorable view of the Republican party; Democrats fare slightly better at 45 percent.

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