Samuel J. Abrams

Samuel J. Abrams

Antisemitism Is a Problem in Academia. Quitting Is Not the Solution.

Professors are in the position to help students mitigate what can be a cruel campus environment.

A Hybrid Learning Model Can Help, Not Harm, Higher Education

No one wants to go back to 2020-style virtual learning. But there are upsides to having some online classes available for college students.

What We Lose When We Stop Telling Stories

Sharing religious stories and engaging with scripture promotes continuity of values and traditions.

How Professors—Not Administrators—Got Students Through the Pandemic

And what that tells us about the administrative bloat that has permeated academia in recent years.

How Strong Families Build Stronger Communities

A German concept—kinder and kirche—can help us step back and focus on what matters.

What Happens in the Ivory Tower Doesn’t Stay There

How the changing nature of academia has served to push social justice and critical race theory into the mainstream.

Strong Communities Need Public Spaces—and Private Enterprise

We need parks and libraries and town squares for gathering. We also need shops, restaurants, and other commercial amenities.

Nothing of the Sort

The media has seized on the idea that people choose to live in neighborhoods and towns full of others who think just like them. It’s a myth.

America’s Center Needs to Make Itself Heard

Our polarization is real, but those on the extremes have an outsized influence on our discourse.

The GOP Isn’t Too Popular. Guess What? Neither Are Democrats.

A new survey shows that voters aren't impressed by either major political party.