What’s Next for Chris Sununu?

A few weeks ago, Gov. Chris Sununu made New Hampshire the 37th state to impose a statewide mask mandate, the last New England governor to do so. It was a decision denounced as big-government overreach by libertarian-leaning Republicans and dismissed as too little, too late by state Democrats.

In other words, it was right in the political sweet spot, which is where Sununu spends most of his time.

New England Republicans, by definition, are an odd breed. They’re the political equivalent of Ginger Rogers—“She does everything Fred Astaire does, but backwards and in high heels”—facing all the challenges of other Republicans but in hostile territory and with few political friends.

Then again, the sample size is so small it’s hard to draw any conclusions. There are 31 members of Congress representing the six New England states, and just one Republican: Maine political Iron Lady Susan Collins. At the same time, half of the region’s governors are Republicans.

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