Grayson Logue

Grayson Logue is a reporter at The Dispatch and is based in New York City. Prior to joining the company in 2023, he worked in political risk consulting. When Grayson is not helping write The Morning Dispatch, he is probably working on his handicap on one of NYC’s municipal golf courses.

Grayson Logue

India and Canada’s Fraying Relationship

Plus: Saudi Arabia reaches out to the Palestinians.

The GOP Survivor Problem

The second Republican presidential primary debate was even more chaotic than the first.

Iran Shows No Signs of ‘De-Escalation’

As the White House pursues diplomacy, Iran’s president threatens America and its allies.

Unpacking the Menendez Indictment

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Barreling Toward a Shutdown

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Zelensky’s Whirlwind U.S. Tour

The Ukrainian president faces resistance as he makes the case for continued support.

The Federal Reserve Hits Pause

The central bank holds interest rates steady but signals more hikes could come.

Another Migrant Surge

The Biden administration’s border policies strain under a new wave of migrants.

The UAW Strike Continues

An ongoing work stoppage at U.S. auto plants is testing the strength of Biden’s coalition.

House Republicans Remain at an Impasse

A potential compromise brokered over the weekend appears dead on arrival due to hardliner objections.