Brian Riedl

Brian Riedl is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Brian Riedl

Ten Myths Sabotaging Social Security Reform

Distorting history and underestimating the severity of the problem only increases the chance of insolvency.

It’s Time to Put Social Security, Medicare, and Taxes on the Table

Republicans can avert a debt crisis, but only once they’ve faced some harsh truths.

Americans Shrug Off Historic Debt Surge

The budget deficit just doubled to $2 trillion. Don’t expect it to shrink anytime soon.

The Impending Government Shutdown Is Nothing but Theater

The loudest Republicans have failed to produce any coherent strategy to rein in deficits.

Do Democrats Really Create Stronger Economies?

Never confuse correlation with causation.

Interest Payments Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Massive federal borrowing means gambling America’s economic future on interest rates never rising.

Loaded With Gimmicks, but Still Worth It

The debt-limit deal is disappointing, but Congress cannot risk economic calamity.

How Republicans Can Get Serious on Spending

When it comes to cuts, less is actually more.

The Student Loan Bailout Is Terrible Policy. The GOP Response Has Been Weak.

It’s a consequence of the move away from policy toward grievance culture.

Canceling Student Loan Debt Is a Terrible Idea

It’s expensive, regressive, and unjust. And it might well be illegal.