Cameron Hilditch

Cameron Hilditch is a fact-check reporter for The Dispatch.

Cameron Hilditch

Fact Check: Image of Explosion Near Pentagon Is Fake

The image was digitally generated.

Fact Check: TV Ad Falsely Accuses DeSantis of Levying a New Tax 

The Florida governor signed a law changing how an existing tax is collected.

Fact Check: Did Volodymyr Zelensky Wear a Symbol of a Far-Right Nationalist Group?

The trident symbol has been used in Ukraine for centuries.

Fact Check: Kathy Hochul Cannot Appoint Someone to Replace George Santos in Congress

A special election must be held should a vacancy emerge.

Fact Check: Michelle Obama Is Not Running For President 

Posts claiming otherwise are false.

Fact Check: An Old 2020 Election Lie Resurfaces

Bad math about the number of Americans who voted for president.

Fact Check: Images of Satanist Schooling in Libraries Are Digitally Generated

Demonic figures are not actually educating children.

Fact Check: Old Migrant Caravan Photo Circulating on Social Media

The image is from October 2018, not today.