Chris Stirewalt

Chris Stirewalt is a contributing editor at The Dispatch, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, the politics editor for NewsNation, co-host of the Ink Stained Wretches podcast, and author of Broken News, a book on media and politics.

Chris Stirewalt

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What will it mean for the midterms?

Utopian Nostalgia and the Radical Right

Yearning for a time that never really existed.

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We deem only 10 races to be competitive at all, and only six to be up for grabs at this point.

Love, American Style

A healthy republic, like a family, is built on love—for the nation, and for our fellow citizens.

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The wind is blowing in a generally Republican direction.

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The party’s only mandate was to stop the crazy cavitations of the Trump era.

Mean Streets, Good Intentions, and the Love Gap

Systematic and institutional thinking is unequal to the plight of individual humans.

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Checking in from a deep eddy of book tour craziness.