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Audio doppelgänger Chris Stirewalt joins Jonah on today’s episode of The Remnant to venture through the polluted backwaters of media conglomerates and uncover a whole host of “whataboutism” garbage: the rise of antisemitism on campuses, the media bias in covering these protests, and the terrorist chants coming from the mouths of these students. The two also opine on the faces adorning a far-right fecal Mt. Rushmore, including the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar. They discuss more serious matters as well, such as the current snapshot of poll numbers and whether or not Stormy Daniels is a porn “star” or just an actress.

Show notes:
What’s the Matter with Kansas? by Thomas Frank
“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” by William Allen White
Chris Stirewalt’s Remnant episode with Tyler Austin Harper
Bloomberg: Biden Trails Trumps
Chris’ piece for The Dispatch on Nevada’s poll numbers
The Hill‘s election center
Nikki Haley voters in Pennsylvania
Gallup: Americans showing average enthusiasm for voting in 2024
Jonah’s appearance on a CNN panel with Lulu Garcia-Navarro
Students chant “Go back to Poland!”
Piece on Mike Johnson in The Atlantic

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