Danielle Pletka

Danielle Pletka is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Danielle Pletka

The U.S. Can’t Just Quit the Middle East

We have genuine geopolitical interests in the region, and so we must repair the relationships we’ve damaged.

The Coming Surrender to Iran

The president’s negotiators are desperate for a deal, any kind of deal.

Only Bad Guys Want Wars

When the United States was in the business of standing up to troublemakers, there were palpable limits on the malign plans.

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‘They Don’t Respect Human Rights. They Hide the Truth.’

An interview with professional basketball player and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom.

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The World Shrugs and the Games Go On

An Olympic boycott would not stop Xi Jinping’s genocide against the Uyghurs. But there are steps that we can take.

Why the Standard Tools of Foreign Policy Are Failing

The Afghanistan debacle has devastated Biden’s global standing and our national security challenges are piling up.

The Empty Rhetoric at the Summit for Democracy

The event was high on messaging and bereft of substance.

What Are the Chinese After? Everything.

The CCP wants AI, military tech, energy supplies, and more. It doesn’t want you to know who is using it and what for.

Our Game of Risk in Syria

The Biden administration has unofficially reconciled itself to the idea that the best outcome is a Tehran-backed Bashar al-Assad regime.

A Troubling Time in Lebanon

Tensions are high, there have been violent outbreaks, and mystery surrounds the investigation into the 2020 port explosion.