Danielle Pletka

Danielle Pletka is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Danielle Pletka

What Would the Middle East Look Like Without the Meddlesome Ayatollahs?

Iran’s leaders have upended governments and enmeshed themselves in regional governance, economics, and culture.

Why Biden Should Be Wary of Conciliatory Gestures from Iran

The regime wants sanctions relief to buy off the opposition movement.

The Democrat Standing Up to Biden on Iran and Taiwan

Sen. Bob Menendez has sought to restore Congress’ role in foreign policy.

On the Precipice of a Very Bad Iran Deal

Iran, Russia, and China would benefit greatly, while the U.S. and its allies get almost nothing in return for reentering the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Agreement.

Biden Returns Empty-Handed From the Middle East

The president failed to secure more oil from the Saudis and made little progress on Israeli-Palestinan relations or anything else.

Bad News for Biden: Congress Cooling on Idea of an Iran Deal

The Senate passed a non-binding resolution opposing sanctions relief for the IRGC and insisting that any deal address state-sponsored terrorism.

What Is Behind the Uptick in Terror Attacks In Israel?

The causes are numerous. One solution is to re-engage on the basis of reality.

Will Our Actions Ever Match Our Words on Human Rights?

Whether in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, or Xinjiang, there have been too few consequences for atrocities.

The U.S. Can’t Just Quit the Middle East

We have genuine geopolitical interests in the region, and so we must repair the relationships we’ve damaged.

The Coming Surrender to Iran

The president’s negotiators are desperate for a deal, any kind of deal.